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One of the most trusted & secure crypto wallet in the world today.

  • Store all your crypto in one place

All your crypto in one place

With KoinsWallet, you can invest in Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT, and other cryptocurrencies. The Bitcoin and cryptocurrency markets have experienced a surge in volume recently, making it an exciting time to become a trader. Every day we welcome new KoinsWallet customers, all asking their own questions about cryptocurrency and getting started in a way that works for them

Investment projects

KoinsWallet investment opportunities exist outside of simply speculating on the KoinsWallet exchange rate. sell bitcoins and profit from extreme changes

Secure storage

Your wallet must be secured. KoinsWallet makes it possible to transfer value any where in a very easy way and it allows you to be in control of your money.

Move money freely

Send and receive cryptocurrencies anytime, anywhere - no questions asked. Take advantage of fully-customizable fees for sending. Create unlimited wallets to support your privacy.

Track the markets

Stay informed with real-time market data displayed on your home screen. Get in-app access to the news that matters. Receive notifications when the market is moving.